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The Ghosts

The White Lady

The White Lady is said to have been captured and locked in the Tower of Tamworth Castle by the wicked Sir Tarquin. But after a while she fell in love with him and is said to walk the battlements and terrace around the castle, weeping over her lover who was slain in the Lady Meadows below the Castle by the noble Sir Lancelot du Lac, who came to Tamworth to rescue her.

Legend has it that the White Lady's ghost can still be seen walking the Battlements and her cries can be heard on the wind.…

The Black Lady - St. Editha

The Black Lady is allegedly the ghost is of a nun called Editha who founded her order in the 9th century, her nuns were said to have been expelled from a nearby Convent at Polesworth by Robert de Marmion, the first Baron when he took possession of lands and the castle given to him by William I. The angry prayers of the nuns were said to have called Editha from her grave.

One night in 1139 after a lavish banquet, the 3rd Baron Marmion saw a vision of St. Editha, who prophesied that unless the nuns were restored to Polesworth, the Baron would meet an untimely death. Just before she vanished the vision smote the Baron on the side with the point of her crosier, the wound was so terrible that Marmion's cries awoke the whole Castle. Seeing him so tormented with pain his friends advised him to confess himself to a priest and restore the nuns to the abbey. His pain only ceased when this vow was taken and the nuns returned to Polesworth.

Some believe she still walks the castle and has been seen on the staircase and in the bedroom.