Friends of Tamworth Castle and Museum

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About the Friends

The Friends is run by an enthusiastic committee elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting which was formerly held at the Castle but due to staff availability is now held in St Georges Chapel at St Editha’s Church, Tamworth thanks to close ties between the Friends and the Church Wardens.   

Tamworth Castle has played an important part in the history of the Midlands, and indeed of England, over the ages, and the Friends wish to ensure that knowledge of the Castle and the part it has played in history are made as widely available as possible to the public.

The Friends carry out a number of activities in support of the Castle, including various fund-raising activities which include organising social and public events. These events are mainly held in and around Tamworth such as a Quarterly Quiz Night and Raffle at the Hopwas Club and a monthly Lunch Club and Guest Speaker event at the Globe in Tamworth. An annual Post Festive Meal in January has also been held.   

Our close co-operation with the Management and Staff has also resulted in members of the Friends being invited to attend special events at the Castle which have recently included Historical Talks and demonstrations from accredited heritage individuals and groups. Members of the Friends have also been invited to exclusive previews of displays which the Castle have produced for the Museum and items which the Friends have purchased on behalf of the Castle Museum.   

Funds raised by the Friends have been utilised for the purchase of items to be included in the Castle Museum Collection. These have recently included a Medieval Posy Ring discovered locally by a metal detectorist. Funds have also been used for restoration of objects currently in the Castle, a recent example being for restoration of one of the clocks by a heritage repairer. Although purchases a have been the main focus for use of funds the Friends have also funded the work of an intern at the Castle working on a special project.  use by the Castle.

Objects purchased are usually items of significant historic value to Tamworth Castle Museum but have also included historically-accurate reproductions to be displayed in appropriate settings in the Castle rooms, historic clothing items for use in the many re-enactment events held in the Castle, and financial contributions towards the cost of refurbishment and improvement of the Castle buildings and contents.

The Friends have in the past supplied volunteers for marshalling events at the Castle, and to help in cleaning rooms and exhibits.

New members are always welcome so if you are interested in becoming a member you will find information on the benefits of membership and application details here.